Market Areas

We have been working within the Financial Services industry for over 20 years. We have assisted firms on the Buy Side, including Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Private Banks, as well as firms on the Sell Side, such as Investment Banks, Prime Brokers and Custodians. Due to our unique role in the marketplace and our singular industry focus, clients turn to us for best practices for their particular situation.

We have moved into a new role in the past few years, as we have helped the Sell Side understand what their Buy Side partners need in order to grow and be most efficient and helped the Buy Side how to work with their Sell Side counterparts most effectively.

As our client base evolves and expands, so do the scope of their issues. Over the past few years, we have extended the assistance that we have provided to the Capital Markets to address solutions within Insurance Firms, Retail and Commercial Banks, Exchanges, Utilities and Regulators.

“You helped us view our business processes as data flows to optimize the way that we manage operational and middle office analytics and provide the benchmarked results to our hedge fund clients.”

Broker/Dealer Operations Executive

We work with financial products including:

Cash Securities
Exchange Traded, Bilateral, and Cleared Derivatives
Commodities, Futures and Options
Fx Spots and Forwards
Letters of Credit, Trade Finance, Mortgages, Overdraft and Retail Products

Our clients have issues in areas ranging from:
  • Capital Markets

Credit, Market and Liquidity Risk and Basel II/III
Client OnBoarding
Operations / Clearing and Settlement
Pricing, Valuation and Collateral Management
Regulatory Reporting
Reference Data
Pre-trade, Research and Execution
Client Reporting

  • Insurance

Policy Administration and Billing
Pricing and Underwriting
Solvency II