A Comprehensive Approach to Building Intelligence

In today’s increasingly digital and complex business climate, information moves in an instant and allows little reaction time. Organizations both large and small must be nimble enough to rapidly decode the competitive landscape and build the intelligence needed to survive and, ultimately, prosper.

Our comprehensive, tailored approach to data management  and monetization allows clients to employ information to realize business goals and improve bottom-line results. We augment and optimize existing systems, streamline processes, and identify opportunities. And, we pride ourselves on providing highly skilled, timely service within our clients’ budgets.

 Data Management

  • Develop Strategy/Roadmap
  • Implement Solutions
  • Ensure Continuity/Sustainability

 Data Monetization

  • Identify Challenges and Data Requirements
  • Collect and Mobilize Data
  • Develop and Implement Solutions


Data is part of your supply chain; it’s an asset as well as a tool. To manage/monetize it, companies must enable it to efficiently flow throughout the organization, and on to partners, vendors, and customers. Our data acceleration frameworks (DAFs) efficiently harness information, conveniently store it and immediately access it, providing businesses the knowledge they need in real time. We create customized DAFs to help clients manage how data moves, how it’s analyzed, and how it’s integrated internally and externally.


Our data mobility, consolidation and analysis tools accelerate data alignment and mobility, improving business intelligence timeframes by up to 70 percent. Our analytical toolsets translate business and risk analytics into actions, and allow clients to create scenarios and drill down to underlying data lineages.

 Customized Results

We provide specific, pragmatic solutions to a wide variety of business challenges. With deep technical knowledge and industry experience, we reveal the true power of data as an asset to manage, a tool to collect business intelligence, a component of customer service, and means to improve operations, and a catalyst for change.

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”