In today's increasingly regulated and competitive financial services market, both large and small organizations must be nimble enough to rapidly and successfully respond to change in order to survive… and ultimately to prosper. We assist companies of all sizes to solve complex business problems involving large volumes of financial data with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

From improving the effectiveness of pre-merger discovery and post merger integration to developing stringent reporting controls, we deliver solutions where time to market carries substantial bottom line implications.

Our typical three step process includes:

“I was pleasantly surprised that they brought Innovation and Data Mobility into the solution to help us look at our data in a unique way.
Their tool helped to quickly aggregate the data to see what we had and what to use. They brainstormed with us from pre-project meetings through developing the product and operating model. ”

Business Managing Director at Broker/Dealer
Our data mobility, consolidation and analysis tools accelerate data alignment and mobility, which expedites business intelligence timeframes by up to 70%. Our analytical toolsets translate business and risk analytics into actions while providing the ability to paint scenarios and drilldown to underlying data lineages.
We provide our clients with data-specific solutions to difficult business problems. Our combination of experienced consultants and technology toolsets can efficiently assist clients with issues including:
Predictive Analytics

Capital Appetite
Derivatives settlement treasury need forecasting
Securities lending locate analysis
Product cross-selling take-up & segmentation analytics
Financial Advisor retention

Process Optimization

Reference data/commissions setup and maintenance issues
Global Client On-boarding process analytics
Trade internalization
Sub-custodian usage optimization

Product Development

CDS vs. Equity Derivative structure input feeds
Precious metals forward curves
Client OnBoarding / KYC Exchange