Converting Data Exhaust Into Value Across Industries

 Financial Services

Financial Services firms are faced with unique challenges that require highly accurate, reliable analysis. The industry is based on data and has become extremely complex due to a volatile market, compliance and regulatory issues, risk management, and a high priority on customer satisfaction. We offer solutions to efficiently and effectively translate and apply information, allowing clients to focus on business trends, product development, competitors, and customers.

    • Client On-Boarding/Know-Your-Customer. Designing and implementing systems to incorporate enterprise-wide customer data with case management, risk, and AML/FATCA systems to reduce COB costs by 30 percent, on average;
    • Total Client Exposure. Consolidating customer information across all lines and policies to determine total exposure to a global P&C client base, and assigning normalized credit risk ratings, leveraging external rating agencies, and D&B hierarchies;
    • Retail Banking Cross-Selling. Mastering retail/commercial customer, and associated loans, lines, and mortgage data to provide marketing units with warm leads; and
    • E-Commerce for Information Products. Rationalizing and normalizing product master data, and streamlining customer master data to fuel e-commerce.


From keeping track of SKUs and the latest rebate plans, to sourcing products and improving customer service, distributors are under increasing pressure to effectively manage a complex web of information. To succeed, they must ensure that operations and resources meet demand, remain flexible to keep up with industry trends, and continually look to improve margins. We provide a comprehensive view of key data points and issues that empower managers to make informed decisions in a fast-paced environment.

 Health Care

Health Care organizations are charged with the highly personal and sensitive needs of patient care and safety. Underpinning the quality of all services is a complex network of data from many locations and systems that link patients, providers, suppliers and insurers. Efficient access to accurate, reliable information is critical for positive patient outcomes. We assist clients in migrating and cleansing data across sources, reducing paperwork and placing emphasis back on care. Specifically, we:

    • Patient Data Mastering. Providing a secure, 360-degree view of patient data for providers across multiple hospitals in a group.
    • Provider Usage Patterns. Allow pharmaceutical firms to better understand and predict doctor and pharmacy usage patterns, and gauge drug progress; and consolidate policy and insured information for insurance payers to effectively manage costs, market policies, and help patients get appropriate care.


In retail, you need to know your customers, what they want, when and why they want it, and if they’ll come back. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is king in this highly competitive sector; success lies in how businesses see trends, and how they use them to provide superior service. We provide the tools to collect, maintain and decode key data on vendors, products, and customers that allow clients to measure performance against financial goals. Of particular interest is our work in powering:

    • Universal Loyalty Programs. We capture and manage customer information critical to foster loyalty and create better lifetime value per customer.
    • On-Site Reporting. We provide instant access to product inventory data at multiple warehouses, retail stores, and e-commerce locations.
    • Omnichannel Information Management and Leverage. We empower clients to weave the benefits of all sales channels together, to effectively market, sell, and serve customers, regardless of how, where or when they call.


To survive, telecom businesses, which are rooted in the exchange of information, need to effectively cull data from a variety of internal and external sources. Rapid industry growth and digitization continually give rise to a variety of products and services that are subject to regulatory, market, and consumer demands. We apply our knowledge to effectively integrate, analyze, and report data across all lines of business, permitting clients to improve efficiency and customer service, focus on innovation, and reduce costs.


While they communicate a dizzying array of information daily, media companies are challenged by the need to organize and interpret their own data to remain relevant and improve financial results. New methods of delivering content and advertising are transforming the industry, and management must stay abreast of customer demographics and interests across all areas of the business – digital, print, broadcast, etc. With our support, clients improve understanding of critical metrics to reduce inefficiencies, improve services, bolster advertising strategies, and refine customer targets.

“Data beats emotions.”


“Data beats emotions.”